By all means, share it with friends, but please include this credit line so people can send me their feedback. Challenge Tomb: Howling Caves. Pull the lever on the right side, releasing a stream of air that will swing a large pendulum. Petroleum deposit base camp, Huracan's mantle. Climb to the right as far as you can. If you press too soon or too late, it won't work. Each tomb description contains a video-walkthrough. The wind blows through and starts moving the second spiky pendulum, but more importantly, it extinguishes the fire on the middle walkway that had been preventing you from moving forward. The reward from this optional tomb is a skill "Huracan's … Use the second lever one more time to close the shutters so you can return to the center walkway, across the beam, and over to the ledge with the third lever. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Howling Caves Kuwaq Yaku Challenge Tomb Location & Complete Complete and solve to unlock Huracan’s Mantle, also Shows the exit. There's some salvage and a resource container on the bottom, and some gold ore embedded in the south wall below the surface. Kuwaq Yaku - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges. Location: In the middle of Kuwaq Yaku region (13:12 in video). KUWAQ YAKU – Howling Caves Challenge Tomb. Shadow of the Tomb Raider • Howling Caves Tomb • Kuwaq Yaku. Walk across the wooden bridge, and head to the left to find the third lever. (screenshots), Grab a few supplies here then crawl through the low, fume-filled tunnel into the next area. Stand near the rope coil and shoot a rope arrow into the coil on the second pendulum. After sliding down, head right and climb up where you'll find a rope slide. (screenshots). Entering, to the right will be an alcove you'll need the rope ascender to open that contains some gold ore. NOTE: If you're playing with keyboard and mouse and are having trouble operating any of the levers, try using a combination of controls (e.g. How to Unlock Tomb Raider Trophy / Achievement Guide. Each tomb unlocks a new skill available for purchase. This opens the first set of shutters, just beyond the lever on the right wall. However, this one is stuck. SIMPLIFIED GUIDE SOLUTION! Try and take out one or two of them before they get close., 2018-12-18T16:20:00.005+05:30 2018-12-18T16:20:24.419+05:30 3. 2. Head around the wall to your right from the Plane Wreckage base camp and climb up for the first optional tomb. Challenge Tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Puz… Jump to the ledge ahead and move right to the grapple wall where you'll rappel down once again. Move out onto the walkway, and when the pendulum approaches, jump up and grab onto it. This will simultaneously, blow out the fire on the walkway and begin swinging the second pendulum. When you step onto the slope leading down toward the doorway, Lara starts to slide. That should help. A third pendulum is embedded in the third set of shutters, preventing them from opening and closing. (screenshots), Now that the broken pendulum is out of the way, you can use the third lever to open the third set of shutters. Kuwaq Yaku – Howling Caves Challenge Tomb (part 4) A third pendulumis embedded in the third set of shutters, preventing them from opening and closing. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Related Article Story / Mission Walkthrough After sliding down you'l see a series of ledges and grapple walls to climb out of the tomb. The wind blows through, gusting then dying down at intervals, causing the first spiky pendulum to swing back and forth. Reaching the other side, climb up the grapple wall, where you'll find a base camp. Grab the rope line and climb out until you can drop onto the ledge with the third lever. Tomb Raider | Shadow of the Tomb Raider . Also be sure to examine the mural (8/10), Howling Caves (Mam/Trials of the Gods) on the west ledge before moving on. (screenshots), Use the second lever again to close the shutters. Kuwaq Yaku – Howling Caves Challenge Tomb (part 4) A third pendulum is embedded in the third set of shutters , preventing them from opening and closing. Try to evade their attacks by pressing Drop/Roll (C/Circle/B), like you did with the jaguars earlier. The wind extinguishes the remaining fire on the center walkway. You'll come to a chasm in the path. (screenshots), CLIMBING TO THE TOMB: Approach the ledge with the flames below. * Encrypt Email script- Please keep notice intact. The Hidden City - Mission Walkthrough & Challenges. You'll need to do this fairly quickly, but not frantically. Heading down the stairs ahead of you, you'll start to slide. for (i=0;i